- Your mobility assistant



An idea of “Moving Le Corbusier*”

UNIMO was developed from the concept of a “high quality sofa moving alone”
The form is far beyond that of traditional mobility assistants.
Its simple and humble design stands out.
We advocate the “Slow Life” through the concept of UNIMO.

The name "Le Corbusier" is registered trademark owned by the Fondation Le Corbusier.


Architectural Product Design with Cubic Minimalism

Common Sense which meets people’s demands in modern times has been crystallized in an extremely simple cubic form.
We added a new touch suitable to a new era onto the classic philosophy of Minimalism, “less is more.”
Featuring the idea of “Architectural product design” we may call it “The smallest moving house in the world.”


Keep it simple

UNIMO’s extremely flat form is totally different from other traditional mobility scooters or power carts.
Because UNIMO does not have a curved surface, it does not require large molding tools to manufacture. Therefore, the manufacturing and maintenance process becomes clear and easy. This means it is affordable.


UNIMO just looks cool … by itself
… in a group …. here, there and everywhere.

UNIMO looks cool alone but looks much cooler as part of a group.
UNIMO’s core design concept is “It stands out not only as an individual but also in public.
UNIMO’s form can fit into all kinds of environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes, airports, hotels or amusement parks. It looks good in natural settings as well.


Safety First - UNIMO LED

With the LED light at the center of the side panel, UNIMO can be easily noticed while driving.
The light gradually glows brighter as it becomes darker outside.


Safety First - UNIMO Board

The honeycomb core protective structure was adapted in the flat side board for the safety of the user.


Quality - Emphasis on Details

UNIMO AL as a flagship model, an anodized aluminum and a LED light unit frame in the side and rear were machined out of high quality aluminum.
High quality leather is used in the upholstery and is double stitched sewn.


MY UNIMO - To Your Specifications

The Cubic Shape of UNIMO can accommodate various materials, colors and graphics.
It is easy to put decals on the flat, side board.
You can create your own UNIMO to your color specification.


Moving Advertisement as a new business model

By putting decals on the side board, you can expose the UNIMO to the public as a mobility assistant with an advertisement on it.