Power Wheelchair? Mobility Scooter? Power Cart?
This invention fits into all categories above and goes far beyond them.

Unprecedented form and performance!
UNIMO - A mobility assistant developed to increase your quality of life

With unparalleled maneuverability, UNIMO was born to expand the pleasures of going out and about.
This sharp and artistic design will change the functionality of traditional power wheelchairs, mobility scooters or power carts.
With a newly developed crawler belt that can achieve outstanding performance in all conditions.
UNIMO can easily move forward on uneven terrain where traditional power wheelchairs, mobility scooters or power carts have difficulty.
UNIMO was developed for the disabled, handicapped or elderly who have difficulty with walking and mobility.
Use it as a supporting tool for physical therapy or a personal powered vehicle for anyone.
UNIMO has created a new possibility in the field of mobility, creating the delight of going out alone or with family members.

Introduction of the UNIMO is the first step in the e-Mobility approach that Nano-Optonics Energy has developed.
UNIMO was developed with the design to make it a unique, diverse and universal product.
It is a unique development that takes you to places where traditional mobility products have not taken you before.
You can go as far as you want and wherever you want with the reliability of UNIMO!



- Your mobility assistant


UNIQUE - With this new design, it increases the joy of being outdoors.

UNIMO has a unique design manufactured with durable resin. Having a vision for the future, we have developed a style that is completely different from that of the ordinary power wheelchairs or mobility scooters. It is simple in design, yet high in quality. It can basically go anywhere!
Not only around your local town and travel destinations, but also nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities as well.
UNIMO has a compact design that makes it easy for you to maneuver and you can go out without hesitation.

Universal - With UNIMO you can go out whenever and wherever you want.

UNIMO has two distinctive technological features:
・Independent suspension by a crawler belt for driving parts.
・Electronic driving controls using the latest technology.
It can climb curbs, go through ditches, up slopes and on rough roads where the traditional mobility assistants cannot go.
You don’t have to worry any more about getting on and off the train, going down gravel roads at the park, or through sand at the beach.
UNIMO has a length of 100 cm with a width of 69.5 cm and a turning radius of 60 cm.
You can get into a narrow elevator and move around conveniently in the supermarket.
Your range of activity and quality of life will be enhanced greatly by UNIMO.
UNIMO’s seat has a power tilt-up function and you can get in and out of the driving seat with ease and without difficulty.

United - We have united the finest state-of-the-art electronic technology with the highest sophisticated hardware.

Nano-Optonics Energy is deeply engaged in finding e-mobility solutions that are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the handicapped, disabled and elderly.
Through the combination of IT and mechanical engineering technology, Nano-Optonics has developed a product in the UNIMO that far surpasses the limitations of the traditional power wheelchair, mobility scooter or power cart.